Asked Questions

  • What is Xenial?

    A groundbreaking, unique B2B hospitality-tech firm is Xenial India. We have the willpower, commitment, and technology to provide you with organised, trouble-free hotel stays, lodging, MICE, and taxi services. Our presence across India and penetration into every region offer various solutions while sparing businesses time, effort, money, and resources.

  • What is the B2B hospitality industry?

    The B2B reservation system for hotels is the option for lodging establishments interacting with tour operators and business clientele. Hotels can manage and distribute rate levels (rate plans), allotments, reservations, modifications, and cancellations using Tech I's B2B reservation system under the B2B hospitality industry.

  • What are the perks of working with Xenial India?

    Centralized Services
    Technology-driven Solutions
    15,000 Plus Hotels & Guest Houses
    In 900 Plus Indian Cities
    Huge Cost Saving
    Solutions for complete management of corporate hospitality

  • Why to choose Xenial for Corporate accommodation?

    With 15000 hotels and guest houses on our extensive network, spread across 900+ popular and rural locations nationwide, we can easily organise stays for individuals and groups. Executives and staff only need to check in and go; the rest is our duty.

  • What does MICE stand for?

    Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions are all referred to as MICE. MICE is a term used to describe a specific sort of tourism when huge groups are gathered for a particular purpose and are typically planned out well in advance.
    In organising corporate events, Xenial serves as a clear-cut, objective facilitator and collaborator on an equal footing.

  • What are the core services provided by Xenial India?

    We assist you in remaining stress-free when travelling throughout the nation. Xenial India is here to assist you with comfortable:
    Corporate stays
    Corporate events
    Corporate cabs

  • How Xenial can help with cab services on a corporate tour?

    Cab service is a vital consideration while travelling in outlying cities. When visiting a foreign city, officials require a connecting ride to meeting locations, airport transfers, sightseeing, or any other reason. Our staff offers 24 hours a day, 7-day-a-week taxi services throughout India.
    We have a network of over 900 cities and are completely prepared to offer taxi services. We guarantee that you will always have a cab available when you need one, no matter where you are in India.

  • Why to Join Xenial?

    We are constantly searching for talent and skills that are eager to enter the client servicing sector and leave their mark.
    Send us your resume if you believe you have what it takes to demonstrate excellence in the hospitality industry.

  • What is the mission of Xenial India?

    Our goal is to revolutionise the fragmented, disorderly, and disorganised hospitality sector and offer seamless solutions to businesses that respect methodical approaches.
    Being the most sought-after service vendor for corporate hospitality options around the country while maximising the use of networks and technology.